Frequently Asked Questions - Request for Qualifications: Biologist Approval Process

Why the need for this new approval process?
The purpose of the RFQ is to reduce the need for project-by-project approvals for biologists to conduct planning and pre-construction surveys, avoidance and minimization requirements (AMMs) and construction monitoring activities, a condition of covered activities under the ECCC HCP/NCCP. Once approved, biologists will be placed on a list of approved biologists on the Conservancy’s website as a resource for permit seekers, and to streamline the biologist approval process for agency staff.

The Biologist Approval Request Form asks to list previous "ECCC HCP/NCCP Projects". Can we list experience related to ECCC HCP/NCCP covered species for projects that did not receive take coverage under the ECCC HCP/NCCP?
Yes, please provide all relevant experience and specify which projects were covered by the ECCC HCP/NCCP (if any).

The Biologist Approval Request Form asks for "applicable permits"; what is this referring to?
Any species handling, collecting, etc. permits – 10(a)(1)(A), CDFW SCP.

If I received an approval from CDFW and USFWS in the past, do I need to submit a Biologist Approval Request form for this new process?
Yes, all previously approved biologists are required to submit qualifications for the new process. 

What if I miss the RFQ submittal window?
The Conservancy, CDFW, and USFWS will re-open the approval process annually, and will accept submittals outside of this RFQ process, however the application review times outside of this process may take up to 8 weeks.

If I have questions about the RFQ evaluation process, who should I contact?
Please contact CDFW at AskBDR@wildlife.ca.gov or Jerrod Sellers from USFWS at Jerrod_Sellers@fws.gov.