Neighboring Landowner Assurances

The implementation of conservation measures described in Chapter 5 of the ECCC HCP/NCCP, Conservation Strategy, may increase populations of covered species within the HCP/NCCP Preserve System through habitat enhancement, restoration, and creation activities. As a result, some individuals may disperse to neighboring private lands where the presence of listed species could interfere with routine agricultural activities. Protections for neighboring landowners are described in Chapter 10, Assurances. The ECCC HCP/NCCP includes a Neighboring Landowner Assurances (NLA) program to protect landowners near preserves from the regulatory consequences of covered species expanding their occurrence onto their land. With certain provisions and restrictions, agricultural lands within 1.0 mile of the preserve boundary are eligible for take coverage during the course of routine agricultural activities, during the permit term, and for take beyond the baseline condition that existed prior to the establishment of the neighboring HCP/NCCP preserve. For definitions and details of this program, see Chapter 10 of the HCP/NCCP.