Implementation Policies

Year Adopted Policy and Document Link Summary
2010 Communication Towers Permitting Protocol Establishes protocol to assess impacts and calculating mitigation fees for communication towers in rural areas participating in the HCP/NCCP for coverage.
2010 Restoration Credit for Non-Covered Projects Provides guidance on Conservancy restoration sites as mitigation for non-covered activities. 
2013 Renewable Energy Facilities on Contaminated Land Provides guidelines for permitting renewable energy facilities on contaminated land.
2015 Contributions to Recovery Charge Establishes formula to calculate the contributions to recovery charge (CTR) for Participating Species Entities.
2020 Restoration Projects and Stream Setbacks Guidance on how to apply HCP/NCCP Conservation Measure 1.7 regarding stream setbacks for a situation where stream restoration occurs in advance of a development project.
2021 Solar Facilities Outside the UDA Establishes criteria and guidelines to cover solar facilities outside the UDA.